Here at Wax Creek, we do everything with branding in mind. We believe that your brand is the at the center of your business + marketing universe. It touches your culture, it guides your client experience, and it shines light on the right marketing efforts to invest in for your business. Think about it this way, when you can easily show people the passion behind what you do, and explain why they should buy from you compared to your competition, your messaging (the words you’re saying) becomes SO. MUCH. MORE. effective.

On top of that, when you know who your clients are, and we mean REALLY know… it makes it easy to relate to them. It helps you to understand what pain they are experiencing in relationship to working with you, and how to intentionally align your values to theirs at a subconscious level. Through strategy, you’ll understand how to move your ideal clients through the buyer journey of becoming aware that you exist to making the decision to buy from you. We’ll help you to understand how to speak to their soul in a way that they simply can’t resist working with you.

Finally, your Brand Strategy is something that should be woven into your culture in everything you do. It touches the way your employees interact with clients and should be used to inspire your team to believe in your mission and vision for the future. Your Brand is your foundation, the true North Star of your organization. Let’s make sure it is out of this world.


Select a Brand Strategy Experience We require that our clients go through a Brand Strategy Session before creating a logo or building a website. Having brand clarity helps us understand how your visual identity should “look and feel”. It also gives us tremendous insight into who your ideal clients are so that we can build your website with them in mind. Our goal is to take them on a magical journey delighting them at every turn (yes, this is possible with a badass website). You might think you “know exactly what you want” in a logo or a website, but it is important to remember that this isn’t about what you want, it is about what your target market wants and needs in order to know, like, and trust you so that you effectively convert them from leads to sales. This helps us protect our clients. It is important to us that you truly understand your brand foundation before you invest in your visual identity or your website.

Select a Visual Identity/Logo Package We know how to “speak” visually. Once we understand the story of your brand, our team creates an emotionally-charged visual message that resonates with the heart and soul of your audience. We create visual experiences that are thoughtful and founded in expertise. When people encounter your brand we want them to feel “wow-factor” and remember you. Our work is based on extensive experience in color theory, usability, and human psychology. No template does this. Thoughtful design connects the emotional dots and translates your passion and skill in the minds of the people you’d love to work with most.

Select a Website Package We build impressive online experiences that display your expertise and where each element is intentional. A cohesive online identity that’s a real reflection of your mission, vision, and values means your business will have its own memorable heartbeat that can be felt across the digital universe, and heard loudest by your ideal customer. We’ll make sure your visitors see the talent behind the textures, the passion behind the pictures, and the intention behind the details. Because when you’re clear on what you offer and why it matters? Website visitors convert to clients. We focus on what matters to you, what matters to the people you serve, and how this overlap feels good to your visitors and impacts your bottom line. Even though we’re more fond of people than robots, we still make sure to pay special attention to how search engines crawl your site, highlighting keywords that are important in your industry, and making sure your site looks good on small phones and mega monitors alike.