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The Holy Grail of Values

Stephanie Gunther

Stephanie Gunther

CEO & Creative Director Wax Creek

Are you looking to grow your revenue? Would it help you to increase the clarity you have in your business? Do you want to know the secret to connecting with your target market on a psychological level? This short read is for you!

Values are more important than you might realize. Values are essentially the things that are most important to us as humans. Do you know what your core values are? Values affect preferences, behaviors, how you spend your time and money, and every single one of the fights you see on social media,

Think about it. It is easy to point fingers and argue with people who have different opinions and beliefs from our own. But have you ever stopped to consider how and why we ended up so differently from others? VALUES. Let’s go one more step further and not only recognize that we are different but widely accept that other people do hold values that are different from our own, and ALL of our values are equally valid.

So, where do values originate? They’re influenced by basic demographic information such as gender, age, familial status, education, etc. They are also based on life experiences, where you grew up, culture, or traditions.

Embracing the concept of values helps us to understand better, communicate with, and trust each other.

How do you use values to create more impact in your business?

When we look at the values we hold in our businesses; we need to see them for the holy grail that they are. They are not a list of words you write in your employee handbook. They aren’t something you paint on your office wall and then abandon. Values need to reflect your beliefs as a business, what you stand for, what you stand against, and your WHY. These are the things that today’s consumer is looking for. They want to either align with you or align against you. And that IS the goal.

We need to quit hiding behind the idea that our customers are everyone. That they are most people. THEY ARE NOT. And values are the main reason for this.

When you understand the shared values you have with your ideal client, you can weave that into everything you do: your messaging, your marketing, and your customer experience.

I’ll give you an example:

Let’s say you run a hotel in the mountains and try to target professional men between the ages of 35-45 who love mountain biking on the weekend.

If you stand there in the theoretical marketing world shouting at them, “Hey men, check out our hotel”, they will either ignore you or run. Nobody likes to be sold to.

If you can identify the shared values you have with them, which might look something like this:

• freedom and exploration
• physical fitness and health
• high regard for work/life balance

This is when you begin the process of connecting on a deeper, more psychological level. Using the shared values, you understand that displaying pictures of the free chair massages you offer in your lobby might be winning marketing. Or perhaps you talk about the shuttle service that takes them from the hotel to the best bike park in the state. Or maybe you create a campaign for “mountain biking Monday” where guests receive 50% off their stay on Sunday nights.

That is the marketing that works.

At Wax Creek, we use core values in our brand foundation work to help you understand who you really are, who your market actually is, what they care about, and how to genuinely make the connection between your business and your ideal clients. Do you wish that you knew the right way to talk to and connect with your clients in a way they can’t resist? We can help.

If you’re looking to grow your revenue, increase the clarity you have in your business, and learn more about how to connect with your target market on a psychological level, it might be time for brand strategy!

To learn more about how we help our clients get to the next level with a World Class Brand, book a discovery call.