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Project Details

Nestfuel’s Brand Archetypes: Magician, Outlaw, Sage, Creator

Brand Focus: Democratization of home ownership by utilizing technology and innovative funding solutions

Brand Essence: Empowerment, Inspire Change, Grow Communities

Brand Voice:
  • Empowering- inspiring, with life, energizing
  • Gently outspoken and candid, but with a lighthearted approach
  • Educational- but with a sense of ease and simplicity

Visuals Should Feel: “This is new”, vibrancy to appeal to Gen Z, trustworthiness


Nestfuel’s innovative mortgage improves affordability for homebuyers by either reducing their payment or boosting their purchasing power compared to old-school home financing. How? They lower interest costs by measuring buyers’ creditworthiness through their community rather than just a faceless credit score. Nestfuel hired Wax Creek for brand strategy and a go-to-market strategy to create irresistible messaging for both of their target markets. Wax Creek also built a visual identity that would attract their Gen Z consumer and “feel totally different” then what is typically seen in the finance world.

*Logo was not designed by Wax Creek.