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Nestfuel’s Brand Archetypes: Magician, Outlaw, Sage, Creator

Brand Focus: Democratization of home ownership by utilizing technology and innovative funding solutions

Brand Essence: Empowerment, Inspire Change, Grow Communities

Brand Voice:
  • Empowering- inspiring, with life, energizing
  • Gently outspoken and candid, but with a lighthearted approach
  • Educational- but with a sense of ease and simplicity

Visuals Should Feel: “This is new”, vibrancy to appeal to Gen Z, trustworthiness

Brand Strategy for Innovative Mortage Company

Nestfuel’s innovative mortgage improves affordability for homebuyers by either reducing their payment or boosting their purchasing power compared to old-school home financing. How? They lower interest costs by measuring buyers’ creditworthiness through their community rather than just a faceless credit score. Nestfuel hired Wax Creek for brand strategy and a go-to-market strategy to create irresistible messaging for both of their target markets. Wax Creek also built a visual identity that would attract their Gen Z consumer and “feel totally different” then what is typically seen in the finance world.

*Logo was not designed by Wax Creek.