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Meet America

Meet America’s Brand Archetypes: Hero, Explorer, Ruler, Innocent

Brand Focus: Convenient, quality meat delivered to your door

Brand Essence: Wholesome, Excellent Quality, Convenient

Brand Voice:
  • Honest- we do what we say, a handshake is our bond
  • Confident but humble
  • Familiar- we treat everyone like family, nostalgic, tell stories

Visuals Should Feel: nostalgic, simple, real

Visuals Should Show: pure wholesome moments, family values, a “more simple time”

In 2018, Meet America set out to connect small, local ranchers with consumers who were looking for convenient access to high-quality beef to feed their families and peace of mind in the knowledge that their food was ethically and locally produced. They entered the market as a B2B organization, selling their beef, lamb, and pork to boutique grocery, butcher shops, and restaurants. In 2022, Meet America’s strategic growth plan included entering the B2C market, selling directly to consumers who were looking for convenient doorstep delivery of locally grown, grass-fed, high-quality meats. Meet America hired Wax Creek for a full rebranding effort that included a new brand strategy and visual identity.

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