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How to Create Your Irresistible, Distinctive, Bold Brand

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Stephanie Gunther

CEO & Creative Director Wax Creek

We make brands irresistible, distinctive, and bold using Brand Archetyping.

Brand Archetyping = Brand Identity.

A Brand Identity is much like the identity of a human being. Dynamic. With dimension. You know that your human identity consists of a style, various mannerisms, an attitude, a past, and dreams for the future. Your Brand Identity consists of the same things.

Have you ever found yourself instinctively drawn to a brand or a product without really knowing why? Turns out there are scientific reasons for this.

It is estimated that 80% of the time, we make decisions before being rationally or logically aware of them. Meaning that we make decisions to shop and work with brands intuitively and emotionally. Then, and only then, we seek out information to validate our feelings so our logical mind is satisfied as well.

Brand Archetypes have roots in both psychology and storytelling.

Speaking to our subconscious mind, archetypes bypass the intellectual mind and produce a feeling that lingers, organically leading your consumers to feel a sense of loyalty.

In doing this, Brand Archetypes act as a bridge connecting the conscious and subconscious.

Brands that are based in Archetypes are “felt” because they somehow manage to get into our minds and hearts and stay there.

Great branding is expressed through things like logos and ad copy, but the magic lies in a carefully crafted strategy that paves the path to simple, bold, and consistent messaging. Brand archetypes provide a reliable framework for instilling meaningful concepts that are universally understood.


1)     A simpler understanding of how to use psychology to connect to your ideal target market. The most powerful brands are known without words. Almost everyone would recognize brands like Virgin and Nike because they maintain their personality. This application of your brand story and core values transforms the average consumer into a loyal brand evangelist.  Brand Archetypes provide a sense of familiarity using iconic legends that evoke memorable, emotional reactions. This bypasses the intellect and appeals to the subconscious.

2)     The tools to better humanize your Brand. Utilizing your brand essence, personality, voice & tone, core values, and style gives you the Brand DNA needed to develop irresistible sales and marketing messaging that creates deep trust and connection with your consumers. 

3)     Cohesion in the brand. Brand Archetypes create a clear and easy framework to apply to your business to create cohesion across all brand touchpoints. Aligning with your perfect Brand Archetype helps ensure that you have a:

  • Consistent tone in your marketing and sales activities
  • A consistent and identifiable personality that appeals to your target market
  • Clear purpose and WHY
  • Consistent framework for communications and campaigns across departments and personnel
  • A unified set of objectives for creatives and marketers

I’ve created a simple chart of the 12 main Brand Archetypes, but keep in mind your brand ISN’T one in twelve.

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At Wax Creek, we build custom Archetypes giving your brand distinctive and dynamic Brand DNA that is the equivalent of ONE IN ELEVEN MILLION. The point of branding is to stand out and be differentiated. If your brand is ready to elevate to the next level, you might be ready for an Archetyping Session. Let me know if you’d like to learn more about this.

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Thank you for reading and subscribing! Branding can feel nebulous and hard to understand, so please let me know if there is a brand topic or burning question you’d like to learn more about.

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