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Ewing School

Ewing School’s Brand Archetypes: Magician, Explorer, Everyman, Lover

Brand Focus: Helping leaders redefine and reach their potential through clear and confident speaking

Brand Essence: Transformational, Approachable, Brings Clarity (simple, clear)

Brand Voice:
  • Clear- not overdone, simple, easy to digest
  • Aspirational- promise of transformation, with conviction
  • Friendly- down to Earth, warm, inclusive

Visuals Should Feel: Inspiring, modern, friendly, with depth

The Ewing School provides structure and support to help bring ideas to life by providing public speaking training for executives, leaders, and wonks. They help their clients speak with clarity, confidence, and authority, turning them into rockstar communicators and leaders. By 2022, the Ewing School had grown into a successful and thriving business, but their brand was lacking cohesion. They wanted a bold and exciting new look and short zippy messages to call in the perfect clients. The Ewing School hired Wax Creek for a full rebranding effort that included a new brand strategy, visual identity, and website.