You’ve probably heard a lot about YouTube Marketing. There are a lot of FREE ways to optimize YouTube videos and/or your channel. Here are the TOP/FIRST 10 things to do to increase engagement and views:

1) Share video links on your blog, website and other social media channels. Embed videos in your blog- these are considered back links

2) Identify and use keywords that you want to rank for (be found when people search for)

3) Using these keywords- eye up the competition. Use tools to spy on your competitions performance and even find out the exact meta tags and keywords they are using to rank videos

4) Write great titles, description and tags using your main keywords. Within each video description should be links to other videos, other social media platforms, email lists etc.(i.e. “Free Download: 10 Ways to Help Rank Your Videos on YouTube Today”, “Are you a business owner looking to leverage video marketing? Join our FREE Facebook group here”

5) Choose video thumbnails with caution. Make sure they are attractive and intriguing!

6) Get more subscribers- ask friends and family and use your social channels. Add a subscribe button to your email signature and website. Use tools like TubeAssist to subscribe to 2000 other targeted channels and the law of reciprocity means a percentage of them will subscribe back

7) Use tools to automatically distribute your own content across the web and post to your favorite video sites

8) Follow and engage video influencers within your industry

9) Trick google into ranking your video higher in search results. After you’ve published a video go to Google’s home page and search for your video. Navigate through as many pages as it takes to find it and select it. Do this a few times so that Google recognizes the video and the keywords you used to search. This will help your video move up so it isn’t on page 38 🙁

10) Respond and engage with viewers comments. Ask them to subscribe to your channel

If you ever want to talk about how Wax Creek can help your YouTube Channel/Videos get more engagement and views- please reach out! Or maybe you’re curious how social media engagement helps grow your business and affects your bottom line… we can help you with that too, let’s chat!