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Expert advice to transform your business into a World-Class Brand

How to Create Your Irresistible, Distinctive, Bold Brand

We make brands irresistible, distinctive, and bold using Brand Archetyping. Brand Archetyping = Brand Identity. A Brand Identity is much like the identity of a human being. Dynamic. With dimension. You know that your human identity consists of a style, various mannerisms, an attitude,

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Brand Evolution

What is a brand? What does “brand” mean to you? My best explanation is that your brand is how people think and feel about you, both consciously and unconsciously. Marketing psychology is real! So, your brand is a collection of all of the things

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The Holy Grail of Values

Are you looking to grow your revenue? Would it help you to increase the clarity you have in your business? Do you want to know the secret to connecting with your target market on a psychological level? This short read is for you! Values

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14 Tips for A World Class Brand

Never underestimate your brand’s visual components’ impact on people. If you want to develop a relationship with your market, they must notice you first. To be seen in today’s world, you need to be a head-turner, and that requires WOW-Factor. Start by understanding your

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