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Beer Feelings

Logo Design, Brand Strategy & Messaging, Product Naming

The owner of Beer Feelings came to Wax Creek with a number of ideas that lacked cohesion. She needed guidance in shifting through everything and determining how to piece together different elements to create a business that was not only profitable and scaleable, but in alignment with who she is. After working with Wax Creek, Beer Feelings had a name, a look, and a new sense of direction. Since the beginning of 2021, the owner has created a Facebook page that already has nearly 200 followers, launched a podcast, and hosted live events. The owner is well on her way to establishing herself as a “Beer Boss”.

In September of 2021, nearly a year after the inital strategy session, the owner returned to the Wax Creek team for support in branding the individual Beer Feelings Boxes. Over the course of 2 hours, our team helped assigned the feelings to the boxes and products.
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