We'll Start With Brand Strategy
Our signature brand strategy process will significantly enhance your market
performance and profitability by improving name recognition, building credibility and trust,
increasing advertising effectiveness and inspiring employees.

Here's what we will focus on during your strategy:
☾ Mission, Vision, + Values
☾ Voice + Personality
☾ Brand Archetype Discovery
☾ Buyer Persona + Buyer Journey
☾ Unique Value + Core Messaging
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Next, We'll Dive Into Your Visual Identity
Using visionary thinking and a commitment to excellence, we create stellar visual brands that directly impact both the vitality of the business and the bottom line. We’ll use the psychology of your brand to guide visual decisions.

Here are some of the visual deliverables included in your package:
☾ Primary + Secondary Logo
☾ Signature Image Style + Stock Photos
☾ Preminum Font Paring + Selection
☾ Color Therory + Pallette
☾ Patterns, Backgrounds and Textures
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Finally, We'll Build You A Strategic Website
We build impressive websites that display your expertise so you look professional and credible. A cohesive online identity that’s a real reflection of your mission, vision, and values means your business will have its own memorable heartbeat that can be felt across the digital universe, and heard loudest by your ideal customer

Your Website Will Include:
☾ A Fully Custom WordPress Theme
☾ Up to 7 Pages
☾ Professional Copywriting
☾ Standard SEO Optimization
☾ User Training
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Here at Wax Creek, we do everything with branding in mind. We believe that your brand is at the center of your business and your marketing universe. It touches your culture, it guides your client experience, and it shines light on the right marketing efforts to invest in for your business. Think about it this way, when you can easily show people the passion behind what you do, and explain why they should buy from you compared to your competition, your messaging (the words you’re saying) becomes SO. MUCH. MORE. effective.

On top of that, when you know who your clients are, and we mean REALLY know… it makes it easy to relate to them. It helps you to understand what pain they are experiencing in relationship to working with you, and how to intentionally align your values to theirs at a subconscious level. Through strategy, you’ll understand how to move your ideal clients through the buyer journey of becoming aware that you exist to making the decision to buy from you. We’ll help you to understand how to speak to their soul in a way that they simply can’t resist working with you.

Finally, your Brand Strategy is something that should be woven into your culture in everything you do. It touches the way your employees interact with clients and should be used to inspire your team to believe in your mission and vision for the future. Your Brand is your foundation, the true North Star of your organization. Let’s make sure it is out of this world.


My business went through a Brand Experience and my vision became a reality. My business found it's voice and identity, and this has made such a positive impact on how my business is presented to the community!
Amanda HarNess
Kinetic Spark
Wax Creek’s efforts have been met with positive acclaim. The team is knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. Their work contributed to increased site traffic and visitor engagement.
Dafne Tsakiris
Launch Point
Stephanie and her team are amazing! For years I have been trying to get my vision into a logo. I am so happy with what they came up with and grateful that they were so patient with all my multiple revisions:). Thanks!
Amy Hicks
The Better Weigh